CDB cooperates with local governments, external industry experts and professional training institutions to hold skills trainings for local cadres and enterprises in less-developed areas. CDB’s internal experts also participate and give lectures based on different topics of the trainings. They pivoted their focus during the COVID-19 crisis.

Organization implementing and funding the solution

China Development Bank (CDB)

Start & end date of the solution

The solution started in 2014, and will continue to play an important role in CDB’s support for the development of less-developed areas and SMEs post-crisis.

Target group


Main aims of the solution

  • To provide intelligence support.

Mechanisms of the solution

  • Understand training needs through research.
  • Decide training topics.
  • Coordinating with local government and professional training institutions the training date, location and format.
  • Invite internal and external experts to deliver the lectures.
  • Send invitations to the trainees.
  • Every trainee is invited to fill a survey at the end of the training.

Key challenges in implementing a COVID-19 solution and steps taken to mitigate them

In 2020, to avoid infection risk, CDB adjusted their off-line training into a hybrid model that combined off-line training (in some rural areas with epidemic prevention) and e-learning, and covered over 5000 local cadres as well as technicians of CDB’s 4 paired-off poor counties.

Main lessons learned

  • The continuous evolution of COVID-19 will have a negative impact on the production and operation of less-developed areas and SMEs. This is why CBD will closely integrate their actual needs and provide help in time according to the evolving situation.