This whitepaper is prepared by The Montreal Group and authored by Gabriel Youssef and Vasantha Narasimhan of GY Consulting. It incorporates inputs gathered from the “Advanced Analytics for Risk Management” working group, comprised of members from BDC, BNDES, Bpifrance, CDB, CCG, Finnvera, NAFINSA and SIDF.

The paper provides insights into the ecosystem that shapes and governs the technology transformation of TMG member banks. Specifically, it tackles the impact of the digital wave on MSME (micro, small and medium enterprise) financing and risk management, through advanced analytics.

Based on first-hand information, obtained from TMG member banks on the current and future role of risk management, as well as on the benefits of adopting advanced analytics to further the accuracy and speed of risk predictions for strategic decisions; an implementation road map, that is actionable for everyday and crisis situations, is provided.