Strengthening Gender Equality in Development Banking

Today, in honor of the upcoming Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on November 19, we had the pleasure to meet Alara Karacabeyli and Gökçe Türkü K. from the Türkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankasi (TSKB), member of the International Development Finance Club (IDFC). They shared with The Montreal Group knowledge and best practices on how development banks can incorporate gender equality as a key component of sustainable economic recovery.

This presentation focused on the process that led to the recent publication of the study on strengthening gender equality in the development banking sector, including the highlights of the collective roadmap and action plan for the IDFC Gender Working Group included in the document.

Thank you Alara and Gökçe for accepting this invitation, and thank you to our colleagues from the Agence Française de Développement, Mar Merita Blat and Vanessa Navarrete for facilitating this collaboration! Thank you also to our members, Bpifrance, SOWALFIN, BNDES, BDC and the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) for joining us!