Summary of the Chief Economists September Roundtable

Is a recession underway?

After a well-deserved summer break, our Chief Economists joined a virtual roundtable to share their economic growth perspectives and recession forecasts.

We had representatives from Canada (Pierre Cléroux), Nigeria (Joseph Nnanna), France (Baptiste Thornary and Philippe Mutricy), Finland (Mauri Kotomäki), Morocco (Abdelmoumen Abdelmoughite), Mexico (Armando Gamboa), Brazil (Leonardo Botelho) and Saudi Arabia (Yousef Al-Brahim). The Group also welcomed Yousef who is the new Head of the Economic Intelligence Unit at the Saudi Industrial Development Fund.

Discussions about employment, inflation, energy uncertainty and female participation in the workforce were at the table. Interestingly, the macroeconomic forecasts were quite optimistic.

Sandra Péloquin (Secretary-General) and Mabel González (Head of Operations and Sustainability) extended a special invitation for the Group to Paris. They also presented the scope of a new joint publication on impact measurement that will be developed over the next few months by this key topic group.