The Montreal Group Partners with the OECD Platform for Financing SMEs for Sustainability

The Montreal Group participated in the First Annual Conference of the OECD Platform for Financing SMEs for Sustainability, at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris.

This conference focused on the sustainable finance landscape for SMEs against the current challenging economic and international backdrop. It featured discussions about the drivers and constraints faced by SMEs in providing and adopting sustainable finance, as well as the financial and non-financial support needed to foster SME investments in greening. 

This event brought together an international audience composed of public and private financial institutions, policy makers, regulators, ESG intermediaries, actors that provide support to SMEs, SME representatives and other stakeholders– making it an ideal opportunity to discuss the role of international collaboration in sustainable finance. 

Many thanks to our colleagues at the OECD for collaborating with us and for inviting us to this event! 

We are proud to announce a strategic knowledge partnership between our organization and the Platform! 

This collaboration will facilitate the exchange of information and the identification of common areas of interest, best practices and innovative solutions for the challenges the SMEs our members serve are facing in their journey to sustainability. 

We are looking forward to also working closer with the other knowledge partners announced today: Bankers for NetZero and The SME Climate Hub!