How to create a Gender Strategy?

The Montreal Group hosted a session in partnership with UN Women.

Committed to accelerating a just transition in our members, The Montreal Group (TMG) hosted a session on how to create a Gender strategy.

Anna Falth, Head of the Women Empowerment Principles, joined as an expert and presented among other things the various gender equality action tools available for signatories. She also emphasized that “gender equality is about levelling the field for all so that you can thrive, no matter who you are”.

Participants from Belgium, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria and Canada hopped into the call to learn more about the WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool  and their toolkit

All banks contributed to the discussion, and three experts from TMG members took on the virtual floor to showcase how their banks have incorporated a Gender Equality mandate into their internal policies. Thank you Bradley Sensabaugh (Senior Advisor, Diversity and Inclusion at BDC), Natalia Santoyo (Deputy Director at NAFIN) and Uche Ogbonnaya (Head, Human Resources at DBN).

There is still much to learn and exchange, so subject matter experts agreed on continuing this conversation in the coming months.